Jesium 1 in Vienna (Austria), 30th August to 3rd September 2004

Organized by Rebecca Hood-Nowotny (SINA)

The Joint European Stable Isotope Users Group Meeting (JESIUM) 2004 was the first formal gathering of European stable isotope scientists, receiving support from the respective isotope users groups in Austria (SINA), Germany (GASIR), France (SFIS), Benelux (BIG) and the UK (SIMSUG), with additional speakers and participants from Europe (Italy and Poland), the Americas (USA and Canada) and Australasia (Australia and New Zealand).

SFIS Members: Richard Robins, Jaleh Ghashghaie, Christophe Quétel…

Number of participants: 200


Jesium 2 in Presqu’ile de Giens (France), 31th August to 5rd September 2008

Organized by Jaleh Ghashghaie (SFIS)

The 2nd Joint European Stable Isotope User Meeting (JESIUM) held at Presqu’ile de Giens, France, was initiated by the national associations/networks of stable isotope users from across Europe (BASIS Benelux, ESIR Eastern and central Europe, GASIR Germany, SFIS France, SIMSUG UK, and SINA Austria).

Number of participants: 290 from 30 countries, 84 orals and over 200 posters.


Jesium 3 in Leipzig (Germany), 2nd -7th September 2012

Organized by Matthias Gehre and Gerhard Strauch (Gasir)

The 3rd JESIUM took place in Leipzig, Germany, at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, organised by the German Association for Stable Isotope Research.

Number of participants: 250 from 26 countries, 101 orals and 105 Posters


Jesium 4 in Gent (Belgium), 5th -9th September 2016

Organized by Pascal Boeckx (Basis)

The 4th JESIUM was organized by the Benelux Association for Stable Isotope Scientists (Basis) at the Ghent University, Belgium. Download the book of abstracts.

Number of participants: 280 from 25 countries, 76 orals and 150 Posters


Jesium 5 in Finland, 2020

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