Journées Orbitrap et Isotopie à Bordeaux (21 & 22 Septembre 2023)

To better appreciate the possibilities opened up by these new devices, we are inviting you to a technical and scientific meeting dedicated to isotopic-Orbitrap

On Thursday 21 September, starting at 1pm, there will be three general presentations covering the fundamental aspects (principle, operation, performance) and applications of Orbitrap.

An oral and poster session with scientific presentations and current developments will be offered to those who wish to present some results

On Friday morning, practical work using a remote orbitrap will enable participants to familiarise themselves with analytical methods.

To help the community get to know each other, each laboratory/platform operating an Orbitrap are suggested to bring a poster describing their main applications (whether they deal with isotopes or not).

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Practical information:

The address of the conference room is as follows: INRAE UMR ISPA Building C1

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From the station, tram line C runs a short distance from the conference venue.

We recommend participants not to stay in the nearest hotels, which are close to the ring road and isolated from public transport.

There is, however, an IBIS hotel nearby which has the advantage of having the tram nearby.

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Otherwise, we recommend that participants book a hotel in the city, ideally close to the C tramway line.

If you have any practical questions, please contact Patricia Braconnier (patricia.braconnier at, Lisa Wingate (lisa.wingate at, Pierre Pétriacq (Pierre.Petriacq at or Pierre Cartigny (cartigny at

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